Yoji Tokuyoshi


I was born in Japan but I've grown up as a chef here in Italy. All my experiences translate into my “Contaminated Cuisine” that is ultimately an effort to create something new.



Yoji Tokuyoshi is born in Tottori, a small city in Japan. At the age of 18 he moved to Tokyo attended a cooking school which resulted in internships and jobs in numerous italian restaurants. His passion for the Italian cuisine took him on a life changing journey to Italy where at Osteria Francescana he stood side by side as Massimo Bottura’s sous-chef for 9 years.

2014 was an important year for Yoji where he travelled the world, studied, and planned for his future. In February 2015 he chose to open up his own restaurant in Milan: the Italian city with the largest number of international residents as the business, fashion and innovation capital of the country. His hard work, sacrifices, talent and creativity lead him to receive his first Michelin star after just 10 months of opening.